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Nachum Gutman
1898 Born in Telestry, Bessarabia
1903 The family moved to Odessa
1905 Immigrated to Israel with his parents and settled in Neve Zedek
Studied at the Girl's School where his father, the writer S.
Ben- Zion taught.
1908 Studied in Gymnasia Herzliya.
1910 Gutman's family moved to Ahuzat Bait, which subsequently became Tel Aviv
The painter Ira Jan opened an Art Atelier and Gutman was one of her students
1913 Moved to Jerusalem to study at the Bezalel Academy of Art
1917 Together with Haim Navon and Martha Halperin, Gutman established a Painting Atelier in Tel Aviv
1920 Gutman went to Vienna to Study at the School of Art
1922 Moved to Berlin to study the art of print making
He started illustrating his father's Ben-Zion writings as well as poems by Bialik and Tchernikhovski.Began producing engravings
1924 Moved to Paris, associated with artists and engaged in painting and illustration
1926 returned to Israel and participated in various exhibitions
1928 Married Dora Yaffe
1929 Went to Paris where he engaged mainly in engraving
1931 Returned to Israel. Created a series of engravings depicting local scenes from the life in Jaffa and Jerusalem and painted many portraits.
1934 Went to South Africa
1940 During the 1940s painted mainly in watercolors
1954 Spent some time in the United States
1959 On the occasion of the Tel Aviv's 50th Jubilee, Gutman executed a wall painting at the Tel Aviv exhibition ground depicting the city's first days
1961 Executed a mosaic wall in the Chief Rabbinate Building, Tel Aviv
1965 During the 1960s Gutman went to Italy where he specialized in mosaic
1966 Executed a mosaic wall at the Shalom Tower, Tel Aviv
1967 Executed a mosaic wall at the Gymnasia Herzeliya Building, Tel Aviv
In the late 1960s and during the 1970s Gutman sculpted ceramic statuettes
1976 Executed a mosaic at the Bialik Plaza depicting the history of Tel Aviv-Jaffa
1980 Passed away in Tel Aviv

1946 Lamdan Prize for Children's literature
1955 Received the Sicily Award for his achievements in watercolor painting at the Sao Paulo Biennale
1956 Dizengoff Prize
1962 Hans Christian Andersen Honorary Literary Prize on behalf of Unesco for his book "Path of Orange Peels"
1964 Received the Yatziv Prize
1969 Awarded the Fichman Prize for Literature and Art
1974 Honorary Doctor of Philosophy from the Tel Aviv University
1976 Honorary Citizen of Tel Aviv
1978 Israel Prize for Children's literature

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