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Edwin Salomon
Edwin Salomon was born in 1935 in Ocna Mures, a town in the region of Transilvania. In 1948, he moved to Cluj, the capital of Transilvania. He grew up there and after graduating from the local high school; in 1951, he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts named after Ion Andrescu in Cluj. In the fourth year of his studies, the National Museum of Bucharest bought three of his
paintings. Two years later, in 1957, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Sculptors Association as a member, an act that symbolized his adaptation to the Israeli art world.
In 1965, Salomon went to Paris, for additional artistic training at the Sorbonne. In the same year he was awarded the Nordau Prize. Later he won more prizes : Tel- Aviv's Bible Museum award for the year 1983 and a honorary Prize awarded by the Holon Municipality in 1985 in the form of 18 trees planted in his name.
In 1989, he was accepted as a member of the National Artists Association of France and was awarded the Gillot Dard Prize.
In 1990, he won a silver medal at the International exhibition in Turon.
He teaches art at a variety of institutions, among them the Art Institute of BatYam, the Tel Aviv Museum and the teachers College in Ramat Hasharon, as well as serving as Art Director for the Wizo-France Vocational high school.
Edwin Salomon's paintings appear in numerous private collections in Israel, the USA, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, Romania, Sweden, Hungary as well as in public collections such as the National Museum of Bucharest, the Cluj Museum, The Hertzelia Museum, the President's residence in Jerusalem and the Great Synagogue of Washington D.C.

1963 Rinat Art Gallery, Jerusalem
1964 Givat Brenner Kibbutz
1965 Holon's Municipal Museum
1970 Kedem Art Gallery, Old Jaffa
1972 Jacquie Art Gallery, Montreal
1976 the Herzelia Museum
1977 Holon's Municipal Museum
1979 Bruno Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1980 Mabat Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1982 Beit Yad Lebanim, Tel Aviv
1984 Beit Yad Lebanim, Petach Tikva
1985 Yurek Gallery, Ramat-Hasharon, Holon's Municipal Museum, Maymad Katan, Tel Aviv
1987 Rosenfeld Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 Yurek Gallery, Ramat Hasharon, Kibbutz Givat Haim
1990 Kameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv, Municipal Art Museum, Holon
1991 Jacques Soussana - Graphics, Jerusalem, Nelly Aman Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992 Arcos Gallery, Madrid, Galerie la Lithographie, Marseille
1993 Studio of Long Group, Chicago
1994 Museum Beer Sheva
1995 Museum Bar David, Kibbutz Bar Ham, Museum Vasarely, Budapest
1996 Moriah Gallery, Washington, Holon's Municipal Museum
1997 Tova Haussman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Art Gallery, Oum El Fahem
1998 Be Gova Einaim Gallery, Holon

Group exhibitions :
1956 Cluj Museum, Romania, Bucharest Museum, Romania
1961 Helena Rubinstein Museum, Tel Aviv
1962 Alharizi Artist Pavilion, Tel Aviv
1964 Municipal Museum, Ramat Gan
1965 Israeli Art Exhibition, Pushkin Museum, Moscow
1978 Dizengoff Gallery, Tel Aviv
1982 Shamir Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Municipal Museum, Petach-Tikva
1983 Israeli Art Exhibition, Athens, Greece, Municipal Museum, Ramat Gan
1983 Bible Exhibition, Bible Museum, Tel Aviv
1986 Artexpo New York, Artexpo Los Angeles
1987 Artexpo New York
1988 Artexpo New York
1989 Grand Palais, Paris, Prix de la Fond, Gillot-Dard, Artexpo New York
1990 Artexpo New York, Artexpo Los Angeles
1991 Tias Tokyo, Artexpo New York
1992 Art Miami, Tias Tokyo, Artexpo New York
1993 Artexpo New York
1994 Artexpo New York
1995 Artexpo New York, Artexpo Las Vegas, International Art Exhibition Istanbul
1996 The Cape Gallery, Cape Town
1998 Spring Fair, Birmingham

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