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Naama Nothman
Naama Nothman was born in Jerusalem.
She studied in New York at the school of visual arts and at the Delehenty Architecture Institute.
She opened a graphic studio in New York and later in Jerusalem.
In 1981, she established herself and her family in South Africa :
there she had the opportunity to develop her fine art skills.
Her works reflect the wellspring of her broadly based talent. Ranging in color from the delicate and quiet to the strong and rich in textures from broad flat spaces to corrugated boards in subject matter from the dreamlike symbols and sequences
of images drawn from her Jewish background to the very matter of fact still-life of the "studio" works.
On acquiring her work for their collection, the Guggenheim Museum wrote to her, saying "We are please to have works of such beauty and interest in the holdings of our collection".

Selected International Exhibits :
1982 the Guggenheim Museum - New York acquired 3 of her paintings for their collection
1983 Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg
1984 Gallery 709, Cape Town
1984 Association of Art Gallery, Pretoria
1984 Mt. Sinai International Art exhibition, Cleveland
1984 Elisabeth Gordon Gallery, Durban
1984 Marunouchi Gallery, Tokyo
1985 Gallery 709, Cape Town, The Carefully Chosen Gallery, Miami
1986 Hong Kong, group exhibition
1987 Elisabeth Group Gallery, Durban
1988 Accepted to the Royal Academy of Art, London
1989 Group exhibition - Ort - Sotheby, Johannesburg, Gallery 709, Cape Town
1990 Group exhibition in aid of Wizo, Karren Mckerron Gallery, Johannesburg
1991 the Berman Gallery, Johannesburg
1992 la Chine des Tsing Gallery by the Jewish Board of Deputies, Group exhibition
1993 Group exhibition Yavne, Antwerp, The Berman Gallery, Johannesburg
1994 Artexpo New York, Group exhibition

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