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Orli Ziv
Orli Ziv is a vibrant and multi-talented French artist.
Born in 1960, she is the daughter of child survivors who had gone into hiding in France during the war. Her parents raised her with the love of art and she was lucky enough to grow up and study in Paris, both gave her a taste and an eye for aesthetics.
Orli resides near Jerusalem for more than 20 years.
During her early teens Orli became enamoured with art and painting. Soon, she turned to “Roederer” the well-known Parisian art school, the location of already well established painters.
Her first paintings were naïve-oriental, impressionist landscapes, and still life’s. Only later she went on to develop into an abstract artist, with the use of knife painting. In her words: “I find abstract art very appealing because it imposes no limits, but I still often use brushes, and when I return to them there is yet another style which appears.”
Orli begins painting with just an empty white composite material, and no preliminary pencil sketch. She lets matter and color talk to her, and carry her as if a surfer on a wave, carried by the wind. Orli likens painting to a Jazz improvisation (she has played the saxophone for a few years) “Each painting tells a story and moves only a limited number of people - in the same way book or a song does”.
Orli usually works on series of paintings.
“After several years of experimenting with mixing pigments of various origins and oil or acrylic binders, I was eager to try other, thicker materials, as if approaching sculpture. This new, more contemporary series in a variety of formats is the outcome of that research”
Orli’s paintings certainly have touched many souls in a magical way. Her deep, vibrant colors, depicting the silhouette of Jerusalem, are very special. One can envision them decorating many walls and, in a sense. Bringing the viewers to that most special city, infused with holiness and depth.

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