David Mann


David (Benmaman) Mann was born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 9th, 1968.

He qualified as an Architect in 1992, studying in the Federico Brandt School of Plastic Arts in Caracas and towards a Master’s degree in “The Sacred Space” in Jerusalem. Born into an artistic family, his father was a painter and his mother a member of the Venezuelan Philharmonic Orchestra for over 20 years. His sister is also an artist.

He has written two books and published a number of stories. He has participated in ceramic and clay workshops, as well as those in antique book and document restoration. His training includes a formal musical education in both wind and percussion instruments, and over the years he has worked in high-end serigraphy, printing and modelling workshops.

Working as an architect since 1992, David has led design workshops and taught Architectural Art History for more than 20 years. His tireless travelling has led him to more than 50 countries and across every continent to photograph various architectural pieces, which he has then had the opportunity to exhibit on a number of occasions, including in galleries in Israel, Venezuela, Panama and France.

His talent and skills have developed over more than 30 years: initially in a formal, academic context, before giving himself an extensive self-schooling over a number of years.

He has exhibited in galleries in Venezuela, Spain, Panama, Israel and the US (winning Miami’s first South Tropic Art Hall Prize in 1997).