Moisés Bentata


Moisés Bentata, was born in Ceuta (Spain) in 1963. After finishing his studies in Information Systems at the University of Tel Aviv and exercising his professional career in a multinational company in Spain, he has developed an intense artistic activity simultaneously. He began with a classic training in different art academies and studies run by acclaimed artists from his native town. He currently lives and works in Madrid, focusing his activity on a varied and fruitful artistic creation.

His Sephardic roots provide many of his works with a mystical narrative that deepens in the letter forms and their traces, as well as with a constant concern for their communicative power and impact on our thinking. The wood and its live appearance become an essential element (… almost necessary) in his creations, revealing a vocabulary of signs and shapes in different planes which reiterate as an expressive language of metaphors and feelings in most of his works, fluctuating between textual and figurative.

His three-dimensional imaginations provide his work with depth and tactile dimension, with overlapped planes close to the spectator inviting them to be an active part of his works. Both the carved wood as a life element and the chromatic simplicity that emanates from his darker palette show an equilibrium constant in all his creations.

The expressive force of the letters and his permanent concern about what they convey and imply in our lives are at the core of the metaphoric language of his art works.


2014 Mosaicos (colectiva), Centro de Arte Alcobendas (España)

2011 Centro Cultural Nicolás Salmerón, Madrid (España)

2010 Revellín de San Pablo – Día Internacional de los Museos, Ceuta (España)

2010 Barceló Gallery, Marbella (España)

2010 Guadalmina Gallery, Marbella (España)

Public collections

– Museo Sefardí, Sinagoga del Tránsito, Toledo (en trámite)

– Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta (España), Consejería de Educación y Cultura

– Colecciones privadas/ private collections: Madrid, Washington y Tel Aviv


2011 “Arte por la Igualdad y Contra el Racismo”, SOS Racismo Madrid (España)

2012 “Focus-Abengoa”, Sevilla​ (España)