Orli Ziv


Orli Ziv, born in 1960 is the daughter of child survivors who have hired in France during the world war II.
Her parents raised her with the love of art and she was lucky enough to grow up and study in Paris, both gave her a taste and an eye for esthetics.
She resides near Jerusalem for over 20 years.
Matter and color are her words to convey her emotions, ideas .
In the era of Android generation that inspires her so much, where a multitude of visions run through our fingers at the speed of the wind, Orli Ziv managed to create a stop on the image.
These series of squares are as visual as tactils and the material sometimes thickened or smooth is found and mingles with the tone to transcend in 3D stories or traditions.
A sensual art and digital in the true sense of the term.
Art for the fingers, the eyes and the heart.
A joyous and luminous chaos where the essential and the futil are presented, the dream and the history, the eclecticism and the harmony.
The colors of the life.

Recent exhibitions:
Affordable Art Fair – New York
Art Fair Moriah – Illinois
Art Fair – Denver Colorado
GMAC -Paris Bastille
Les Hivernales – Paris Montreuil
Salon d’Automne – Tel Aviv Yaffo
Collective exhibition -Nice Marseille Cannes
Art & Soul fine art Gallery – Toronto
Kinor Gallery – Paris
R&G Gallery – Mamilla Jerusalem
Art & Music Gallery – Jerusalem
Jacques Soussana Gallery – Jerusalem
Urban Gallery – Tel Aviv
Emmanuel Gallery – Safed