Raphael Abecassis

The works of Raphael Abecassis are characterized by an integration between excellent technical performance, a refreshing and original combination of colors as well as clear and perfect compositions. Raphael Abecassis uses these impressive means to obtain a nearly impossible aim. In other words, the restoration of a whole artistic tradition and paying tribute to our sources, but not through self effacing or self depreciation. The scripts, the verses from the sources, the illustrated prayers and Independence Charter of the State of Israel which constitute the entire body of Raphael’s works in parchment, cut outs and colors, are tightly interconnected and breach over the gap between our forgotten artistic past and the present in which we are groping our way. Raphael, when you have dedicated yourself to traditional subjects, you have paradoxically performed something bold, non-conformistic and unusual. You have undoubtedly succeeded in your way by virtue of your artistic talents, and thus you have contributed to all of us; the Israeli tradition, Israeli art and whoever cherishes the combination between the two. 1953 – Born in Marakesh, Morocco 1956 – Immigrated to Israel 1974-77 – Studied at Beersheva College of Education 1986 – Award for Independence Day Poster 1987 – Ministry of Education award for “Psalms of David” illuminated manuscripts 1987 – Illuminated text for President Chaim Herzog’s 40th year Independence Day presentation at the Wailing Wall. Raphael Abecassis