Leo Roth


Leo Roth (1914 – 2002)

– 1914 Born May 17th, in the Jewish village of Tismanitza
in Galicia, to his father David Roth, a Zionist and a
Hebrew teacher, and his mother, Rivka née Sobol. 
1920 – The Roth family moves to Duisburg-Hamborn, Germany. 
1930 – Studies painting at the School of Art in Hamborn under
the direction of the artist Josef Doppelfeld (a pupil of the
academy of Folkwang, Essen). 
1933 – Leaves Germany for Palestine and moves to Tel Aviv.
After visiting relatives in the settlement of Kinneret
decides to join Kibbutz Afikim in the Jordan Valley. In his
early years he works as a shepherd and later is put in charge
of decoration of the Kibbutz dining room and of scenery for
Kibbutz productions. He continues painting. 
1935 – Brings his mother, brothers and sister from Germany to Afikim. 
1938 – Marries Mania Fogelman, from Riga, at Kibbutz Afikim. 
1939 – Visits Mania’s parents in Latvia and after a year’s stay returns to Israel through Russia due to the outbreak of World War II. 
1940 – Becomes a member of the Palestine Art Society.
– Birth of his first son, David (Dudu). 
1947 – The shed that serves as his studio burns down, destroying all his works.
– Birth of his second son, Zally. 
1950 – Solo exhibition at Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv.
– Publishes a portfolio of 35 Pen and Pencil Drawings, printed by Kibbutz 
Hameuchad and Afikim. 
1951 – In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Afikim, designs a wall painting of the Agricultural branches of the Kibbutz, and theatrical sets for the Kibbutz productions.
– Studies fresco and mural painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.
– Appointed director of the Art Academy established by the Kibbutz movement. 
1956 – Solo exhibition at Museum of Art, Ein Harod. 
1957 – Solo exhibition at Yad Lebanim museum of arts, Petach Tikva.
– Solo exhibition at Tel Aviv museum of arts. 
1958 – Solo exhibition at Tzvi house, Ramat Gan. 
1959 – Awarded the Jordan Valley arts prize. 
1961 – Solo exhibition at Laufer Gallery, Tiberius. 
1962 – Solo exhibition at Uri and Rami Nehushtan museum, Ashdot Ya’akov. 
1963 – Kibbuts printed an album Paintings of Leo Rot. 
1964 – Solo exhibition at Charlotenburg gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
– Solo exhibition at Norgs gallery, Karlstadt, Sweden. 
1965 – Solo exhibition at Hertzel institute, New-York, U.S.A.
– Solo exhibition at Brooklyn collage, City University of New-York.
– Solo exhibition at Galerias C.D.I, Mexico City, Mexico.
– Solo exhibition at San Jose, Costa Rica. 
1967 – Solo exhibition at Centro Israelita, Mexico City, Mexico.
– Solo exhibition at Gallery Lim, Tel Aviv. 
1968 – Solo exhibition at Gallery de Kuyl, Holland. 
1969 – Solo exhibition at Kibbutz Afikim. 
1972 – Solo exhibition at Traklin Art Gallery Haifa. 
1973 – Publication of the catalog Color & black & white reproductions with introduction by Marcel van Jole.
– Publication of catalog 1960-1970, printed by Sifriat Hapoalim. 
1975 – The Kibbutz allocates gallery space for Leo’s works. 
1979 – Death of his son Dudu, a painter and partner to his father in the decoration of the Kibbutz dining hall. 
1980 – Solo exhibition at Uri and Rami Nehushtan museum, Ashdot Ya’akov.
Solo exhibition at Wilfrid museum, Hazorea. 
1980 – Solo exhibition at Weizman gallery, Be’er Sheva. 
1981 – Solo exhibition at Hermenegildo, Seville, Spain. 
1989 – Publication of catalog Painting, Drawings and Drypoints. 
1991 – Solo exhibition at Galeria 2 Arcos, Madrid, Spain. 
1992 – Solo exhibition at Jerusalem’s theater, Jerusalem. 
1994 – Solo exhibition at Yad Lebanim, Tiberius. 
1997 – Solo exhibition at Machanayim gallery, Machanayim. 
2000 – Solo exhibition at Mishkan Le’Omanut, Museum of Art, Ein Harod