Valeri M.

Valeri Metlyaev

Valeri was born in the former Soviet Union in 1948, emigrating to Israel in 1992. His work as an artist covers a particularly broad scope of talents including portraits, landscapes, composites, monument and decorative sculpture, restoration of paintings, murals and jewellry and other handicrafts.

Valeri was educated at the Rapin Republican College for Art in Kishnev during the years 1975-1979 where he learned painting and drawing, and he continued his studies at the National Institute in Kishnev, taking courses in art, sculpture, painting and drawing. His skills extend also to the restoration of paintings and icons, which he studied at the National Institute for research and science of restoration.

Valeri has also worked extensively as a teacher, sharing his knowledge and talent with young artists. During the years 1979-1981 he taught at a children’s art school, teaching painting, sculpture, decorative and useful art. From 1981-1984 he worked as a painter and designer, as the manager of an art workshop. He also worked as a designer of stained glass windows and store interiors, and worked developing and creating commercials for television and the cinema. During these years Valeri also was employed making jewelry and other handicrafts at a handicraft factory.

From 1984 to 1992, he worked at the Republican Museum of the History of Religion, managed workshop that restored paintings, and icons, and was involved in the development of sketches for designing commercials and showcases.

Simultaneously, Valeri conducted a class in painting at the Krianga institute in Kishnev. He participated in various exhibitions all over his native Republic. After settling in Israel, he participated in an exhibition honoring Israeli soldiers who had fallen in battle during the 20th century. His works won first prize.

Valeri’s art is bought and collected throughout the world and today his work is part of private collections in Israel, the US, Canada and Europe.

He died in 2018.