Original lithograph printed by Mourlot Paris in 1970’s
84 x 57 cm / 33″ x 22.4″

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When Elohim wanted to create the world all the letters presented themselves to Him, from the end to the beginning.

– The letter alef arose but did not enter. The Holy one said to her: Alef, alef why do you not come into My presence like the others letters? She said to Him: Master of the world, since I have seen all the other letters leaving Your presence without success, what point is there? Moreover, You have given this great gift to the letter Bet (…). He said to her: Alef, alef although I shall create the world through the letter bet, you will be the first of all the letters. All calculations and every deed in the world will begin with you. No unification will be effected except through the letter alef.*

* From Hazohar, Tishby – Lachover Mishnat Hazohar vol. I 2b-3b ; Translated by Dr. David Goldstein.