Kuf Resh Shin


Original lithograph printed by Mourlot Paris in 1970’s
84 x 57 cm / 33″ x 22.4″

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When Elohim wanted to create the world all the letters presented themselves to Him, from the end to the beginning.

– The letter Shin said to Him: May it be Your will (…) to create the world through me, because it is through me that Your name is called Shaddai. He said to her: You are beautiful (…) but since the letters of deceit have taken you to be their companion, it is not My wish to create the world through you, for lies (sheker) would not have existed if Kuf and Resh had not taken you.

Kuf and Resh are the letters which appear on the evil side, and in order to survive they need to take the letter shin and then we have sheker.