The Jacques Soussana Gallery is home to the works of many of Israel’s most popular artists. For over forty years, Jacques has been one of the Israeli art scene’s most prominent connoisseurs and collectors and some say he helps determine what will be considered popular art.

A visit to his spacious gallery in Talpiot reveals Soussana’s judgement : works of Castel, Vasarely, Kohelet, Roitman are in abundance. Original oils and watercolors, lithograph and fine art posters to suite very taste adorn the broad, well-lighted walls.

The first collector to put a spotlight on graphic art, Soussana also prints, frames and published ,many of the artists’ lithographs.

He was the first to publish Nachum Gutman’s lithographs and he publishes the works of some twenty artists, which are permanently on exhibit at the gallery.Occasionally, the gallery hosts guest artists ; Soussana makes also a special effort to help new Russian immigrant artists get a start in the Israeli market.

The friendly, helpful staff makes a visit to the Soussana gallery an enjoyable experience. If you are looking for an exceptional gift or a memento of your trip to Israel that will retain its value long after you’ve returned home, a visit to the Jacques Soussana gallery is worth your while.

Jacques Soussana is the founder of Jacques Soussana Graphics, a publishing house dedicated to printing graphic works of Israeli artists and promoting them in Israel and abroad. Soussana is a true pioneer on the international and Israeli art scene. He exhibited at the first Artexpo New York and has not missed a show for the past 30 years. Since then, Soussana has participated and is still exhibiting at national and international art fairs in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Geneva, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Korea, Ghent and more. Soussana and his company are synonymous with some of the greatest talents in the art world over the past 50 years.

Soussana was born in 1942 in Larache near tangier, Morocco, to a multi-cultured, educated, art-loving family. After graduating high school in 1961, he managed the family business, a small art-framing shop. As a second-generation art framer, he was able to use the exterior of a painting and highlight the inner beauty, skill and complexities of the image within. He came to live in Israel in Israel in 1966, and a year later, he studied at a prestigious school of photography and cinema before becoming the official photographer of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1970. After spending a year at the St. Catherine Monastery in Sinai, where he photographed more than 2000 icons, he married his wife Betty, in 1972.
Jacques and Betty started their art business in 1973 by organizing exhibitions of Israeli artists at various country clubs. In 1975, they started to publish lithographs by Nachum Gutman and stayed in Paris for a few months to publish at Mourlot Ateliers. That was followed by the opening of Soussana’s first foray in international distribution of graphic art. In 1978, they were one of a select group to participate in the first Artexpo New York in 1978. Seven years later, Jacques Soussana Graphics officially opened for business, and in 1991, the Soussanas founded a gallery in Madrid called Dos Arcos. Most recently in 2007, Soussana opened a second fine art gallery in Jerusalem.

The Jacques Soussana Fine Art Gallery is home of the works of many of Israel’s most artists. For more than 20 years, Soussana has been one of the Israeli art scene’s most prominent connoisseurs and collectors. Some say he helps determine what will be considered popular art. A visit to his spacious gallery in Jerusalem reveals Soussana’s impeccable judgment. Works by Castel, Vasarely, Kohelet, Naveh and Roitman are in abundance, and original oils and watercolors, lithographs and fine-art posters to suit every taste adorn the walls. One of the first collectors to put a spotlight on graphic art, Soussana also prints, frames and publishes writing essay services many of the artists lithographs.

While promoting veterans of the fine-art world, he has published editions for personalities such as Nachum Gutman, Moshe Castel, Yaakov Agam and Vasarely. Soussana has always been at the forefront of new and emerging technologies and young up-and-coming talents. The groundwork for some of his generation’s most innovative artists was laid for their ultimate emergence and world recognition. Adriana Naveh and Zina Roitman are just two of his discoveries. As an art dealer, some of the greatest originals have been featured in his galleries with works by Marc Chagall, Reuben Rubin and Yaacov Agam.

Based out of Jerusalem, Jacques Soussana Graphic’s artwork and distribution have reached Paris, Milan, Dusseldorf, Ghent, Germany, Miami, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Seoul and Tokyo.